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Session 74 - An Inevitable Meeting

posted Feb 20, 2013, 8:06 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated May 7, 2013, 12:34 PM by Will McCain ]
After the fight with the slaadi, Peeble caught up with the Maladroits.  She told them that she had just talked to Grit.  Grit was expecting some visitors the next day; an entourage of lawful outsiders from another plane.  She had said that the Maladroits were invited to the meeting. 
The Maldroits decided to investigate around the Vigil a little until the morning.  Lucas went off on his own.  He found a strange room that he could barely see into, but was unable to get into.  Inside, all he saw were shelves of books and some maps on table.  Alera talked to some of the acolytes.  Besides learning a new technique for mopping up blood and other liquids, she learned about the teaching style of Grit.  Callon and Knox went talked with a guard patrol about the upcoming visit.  The learned that people were surprised of the slaadi attack, because they have been placing spells around the the vigil to make areas more lawful, and thus more comfortable for the visitors (alignment conditioner - AC).  The slaadi shouldn't have been able to appear, let alone even see the vigil.  The heroes met up in Peeble's chamber to discuss what they have learned.  Lucas wanted to go back and try to get into the room again.  He and Knox went there during the evening.  With the help of Callon's ring of blinking, Lucas was able to get in.  Inside, he discovered that the map was just a floor plan of the vigil.  He also grabbed a year book of the current members of the Vigil.

Early the next morning, Peeble burst into the room; the meeting time was now!  The Maladroits and Peeble rushed to the meeting room, only to find Sand (Grit's majordomo) running away.  In the room, two Kolyaruts had appeared saying that a contract had been broken.  They attacked the party despite attempts to find out what the contract was about.  The Maladroits were able to take down the Kolyaruts.  Dragging one with them, they hurried to Grit's chamber to confront him and sand.  When they got there though, the truth was revealed to them; GRIT AND SOME OTHER VIGIL MEMBERS WERE GITHZERAI IN DISGUISE!