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Session 75 - Don't Blink

posted Mar 15, 2013, 12:47 PM by Will McCain   [ updated May 7, 2013, 12:37 PM ]
The party was uncertain what to make of discovering that Grit, Sand, and several other monks were in fact githzerai in disguise. While Grit ordered the other githzerai to attack, the monks moved in watchfully but did not engage. This further confused our heroes. The only immediate, decisive action was taken by Pebble, who finished off the healing kolyarut that Callon had brought with them. Eventually Sand attacked Callon, and battle was joined. Grit tried to escape, but was pursued by Knox, Lucas, and Pebble. Sand and the remaining four monks engaged Callon. Despite the onslaught of attacks by the monks, Callon's Ring of Blinking prevented most of them from landing. That is, until Sand landed a powerful sundering attack on it. The battle turned for the fighter at that point, and only intervention from Knox and Alera kept Callon from once again meeting an untimely demise. Meanwhile, Lucas and Pebble had managed to force Grit into an injured retreat, but would not let her escape. They followed her into Grit's inner sanctum, where a mysterious series of magical glyphs was fastened to the floor. Grit tried to perform an incantation, but was knocked unconscious by an apologetic flying kick from Pebble. Meanwhile, the rest of the party had all but killed Sand and the remaining monks, when the last githzerai impostor injured Knox in his effort to help Callon. Having regained his footing, Callon directed his rage at having one of his most treasured magical items broken toward the unfortunate monk. He ran the githzerai through with Desangriev and, before its life drained away, used the Unknown Tongue to bid the Blade Unquenched to "drink". The monk had a final moment of horrified shock before he fell to the ground as a pile of dust and ash. Collecting themselves, the group conferred with Pebble. As the de-facto leader of the Astral Vigil, she left to attend to the other monks while the group took custody of Grit and went in search of answers to what the githzerai had been doing and what the sigils on the floor had been placed to do.