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Session 77 - Sibling Rivalry/A Foxy Lady

posted Apr 5, 2013, 8:46 AM by Andy Burras   [ updated Apr 5, 2013, 9:32 AM by Will McCain ]
The Maladroits decided to rest up after an exhausting day. The next morning, loud booms roused them from their slumber. Rushing outside, they find Peeble knocked out of her tower and lying on the ground. After making sure that she was alright, the Maladroits chased after the person responsible for this, a mysterious masked figure. They caught up the figure on the underside of the asteroid, and prepared for battle. That was when Callon discovered that this was the Lady: the deity he worshiped. She refused to answer his questions and proceeded to attack the party by summoning some fire elementals in addition to a variety of powerful spells. The party was able to take the elementals down, and Knox was able to take out the Lady with a well-placed disintegrate. Her contingency went off, however and revived her. Luckily for the party, she surrendered.

At this point, she removed her mask, revealing herself not as the Lady, but Callon's sister, Beletsirana. She gave vague answers to why she was here, saying that she needed to get into a sealed room inside the asteroid, which is why she was trying to rip it apart. She made a deal with the Maladroits, saying that if they helped her, she wouldn't tear apart the asteroid, and would answer some of their questions. Knox shape-changed into an earth elemental to look for the room. He found it after a couple minutes of searching. Inside was nothing but an everburning candle, a bottle of air, an extremely moldy sandwich, and books about seemingly random topics such as monster manuals and law books. He teleported back to the party to report what he found. Bel then used her staff to transport the party to the room, where she did some research by herself. While waiting for her, some discrete Solfege discussion was had about her staff, which contained extremely powerful magic but didn't cast any aura. The Maladroits deduced that this must be the Shard of Conjuration. When she was done, she teleported them back. They all boarded the Dibs and Bel used her staff to make the astral ship move. They all set off together into the astral sea in search of whatever she was after.