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Session 82 - Entrapment

posted May 5, 2013, 11:34 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Jul 14, 2013, 8:59 AM by Andy Burras ]
Having disposed of the golem guards, the Maladroits continued their journey toward the upper levels of Mechanus. They eventually found themselves on large, open gears in the presence of a company of Maruts, they very Inevitables they were looking for. One marut introduced himself as the hunter of Beletsirana and asked the party what their business was here. The group then proceeded to lay out their plan to the maruts, pointing out the various advantages and contingencies to be expected from an admittedly risky endeavor. The marut agreed to the plan, and to bringing back their souls from the past when the time came. The Maladroits were happy that things had worked out so well and sent word via Sending to Beletsirana that things were ready for her to come to Mechanus and begin the ritual. The maruts began to prepare the capsules that would keep the bodies of the party in stasis while their souls were absent. When Beletsirana arrived, the marut they had negotiated with struck out at her with magic, trying to trap her in a magic vessel. The Maladroits were at first astonished at the seeming betrayal, then realized they hadn't specified in their arrangement that the marut would not try to capture Beletsirana at the first opportunity. Since the marut was ignoring them, the party carefully set up their attack and then launched their fury upon the marut. The battle was hard-fought but the Maladroits eventually prevailed. During the battle, however, the group noticed that the magic detaining Beletsirana was hurting her. Callon managed to damage it enough for her to escape but continued to suffer nausea and continual wounding. With no idea how to cure her or how long they had until other Inevitables would arrive, Beletsirana used the Staff of Conjuration to send the party's soul back into the past to begin their ambitious plan to fix history.

Before his soul left his body, Lucas managed to see the rest of the group emerging from the capsules built for them by the Inevitables. He saw Callon emerge bearing the pieces of a shattered Desangriev. An unconscious and possibly dead Knox was dragged out by a straining Keaton. Alera stepped from her capsule with blackened armor and an unwholesome air about her.