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Session 83 - Inner Demons

posted May 7, 2013, 11:45 AM by Will McCain
As their souls were falling back through time, the Maladroits saw many incredible visions from the past. They saw Oragor Dreadthorne and General Rancor's camaraderie as they began their efforts to unite the goblins under a single purpose. They saw the Dragon Council in all its glory before the massacre of Caesras. They saw a young Knox stumbling through the halls of the Ivory Tower in order to make it on time to Professor Pitri's class. They saw Callon's wedding before the assault by Beletsirana. They saw Lucas and a group of cloaked figures slaughter a group of people around a campfire. They saw a happy Alera, unburdened by memories of hate and thoughts of vengeance, eager to pass her rite of passage. These things and more they saw before arriving in the past and in the bodies of the four Elan. 

The Elan, for their part, immediately recognized the foreign mentalities and demanded they identify themselves and to state their purpose. The group each tried to explain the mission, but it wasn't until Callon, Lucas, and Alera gave their names that the Elan relented. They explained that they had been expecting the Maladroits to appear as they just had because of a message they had sent to themselves from the future after having spoken to the Maladroits and agreeing to help with the mission. The group saw, from within the bodies of the Elan, that they had arrived at the moment that Beletsirana had become fractured because of Horrell's interference. Wishing them luck, the Elan projected them into her mind in order to repair the damaged ritual.

The Maladroits appeared within Beletsirana's mindscape upon a shattered piece of land floating amidst endless blue-tinged clouds streaked with lightning. They began to explore the island, unsure of what was to happen next. Just then, four figures materialized before them, and Callon recognized them as four of the five members of the expeditionary party lead by the Morendi officer into the Elan ruins. The four figures launched into an attack against the Maladroits, leveling accusations and arguments against the group with every strike. The party realized that the thief-catcher, the sorcerer, the sword dancer, and Horrell the cleric each represented a stage of Beletsirana's long-seated grief at the world and they had to be defeated for her to finally enter into acceptance. A heated debate ensued during the battle. At one point, both Alera and Knox fell to the blades of the sword dancer, but soon found themselves revived and renewed back where the group had entered the mindscape. This was a fortunate development, as the four figures were fierce and unyielding opponents. 

After a long fight, though, all four fell and the Maladroits were pulled back into the real world by the Elan. When asked about what had happened, they described the figures and offered their conjecture that they had to defeat each stage of grief on Beletsirana's behalf. Bel herself rose at the point with her soul unified and whole, and finished the sentiment, say that she had passed from despair "into acceptance."