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Session 84 - Unrighteous Reception

posted May 7, 2013, 1:10 PM by Will McCain   [ updated May 7, 2013, 1:18 PM ]
The Maladroits were heartened to see that their plan in healing Beletsirana had been successful. They watched as the heretofore cold and aloof cleric-cum-elan broke down sobbing and threw herself on her beloved Horrell's dead body. It was now time for the next phase of the plan where Bel would go and intentionally do all of the things she remembered doing when her mind was shattered. This would eventually lead her to speak with Heironeous and Moradin, and to the latter producing the Staff of Conjuration.

The Maladroits, however, couldn't go with her as they were merely souls. So, the elan they resided in offered to carry them within themselves until such time as they were needed. They also agreed to help the group with the unique and irresistible opportunity to do things in the past in order to change some unfortunate events and examine things that they didn't have the chance to in their own timeline. More on that later.

For the rest of the time, the Maladroits were put to sleep inside the elan minds. They were woken when a message was received by the elan from Beletsirana saying that negotiations with the gods for the shard were not going well. Unfortunately, a council with the gods is not something that someone can just walk in on. Beletsirana sent the elan coordinates, and they manifested the souls of the party at the location.

Back in their proper bodies, the Maladroits found themselves in Heaven. In one of Heaven's waiting rooms, to be precise. No sooner had they arrived, however, than a Trumpet Archon appeared and demanded why they were in Heaven without permission. Unable to give an answer that would satisfy the eminently lawful outsider, the archon turned its trumpet into a greatsword and prepared to send them back the hard way.

While the group understood the archon's position, they couldn't afford to have come so far and be turned away. Callon managed to sunder the archon's weapon, while the rest of the group pressed hesitant attacks and bid the archon stand down. When it was clear to the archon that it was in a battle it could not win, it called on Astral Deva of Heironeus for aid.

The archon pointed out Callon as the offending party, and the angel strode up and attacked the fighter with a stunning strike. While Callon reeled, the angel noticed Desangriev in the sheath on his back. "So that's where you've been hiding, Des?" the angel said to the angel in the blade with disgust and sundered the greatsword in one strike. 

Neither Lucas, Knox, nor Alera desired to fight the angel. Seeing how it was a direct agent of Heironeous (who should, they figured, be talking with Beletsirana at that moment), they instead tried to convince the angel to let them have council with the god. The archon saw the group's reluctance to engage in combat and was unable to bring itself to attack the group. The angel, however, was unmoved, and continued to punish the intruders. Despite watching the angel kill Knox, the group stood their ground and refused to attack the agent of divinity. Lucas tried to give the angel pause by (insincerely) damning the gods for the stubbornness of their messengers, and Alera pressed the point home. She rose in righteous fury, going so far as to shove an accusing finger directly in the angel's face while calling him unworthy of the aspects of the god they both served. The angel asked if Alera stood by Lucas, given his recent blasphemy. She agreed without hesitation. The angel cried out "FALLEN!" and by the authority granted it by Heironeous called down holy lightning upon Alera. Her fury failed her as she found herself standing with blackened armor and cloven holy symbols, now stripped of the powers of a cleric of Heironeous.

The angel began to walk away from the group, telling them that Heironeous would speak to them, after all.