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Session 85 - Bagels in Heaven

posted May 16, 2013, 8:51 AM by Will McCain   [ updated May 21, 2013, 7:48 AM ]
After much trial, tribulation, death, and destruction at the hands of the defenders of good, our Maladroits finally arrived in the presence of Heironeous, Moradin, and Beletsirana. They were in "divine casual" and gathered in the office of Avanna. The gods were hospitable and gracious and offered the party refreshments upon their arrival. The heavenly bagels and coffee were momentary, delicious distractions, before talk turned to matters at hand. 

The first issue to be addressed was the behavior of the Trumpet Archon and the Heironiachal Deva. Heironeous apologized for the actions of the archon (even expressing a personal dislike of their race) since they are not under the authority of any one god. He explained that the angel did nothing wrong, as it was summoned by the archon to deal with what it was told were intruders. Indeed, Heironeous was expecting their arrival... just at another location. Because the party was given the wrong coordinates, the archon and angel had to treat them as intruders and remove any potential threat the party posed to Heaven. The group angrily accepted the explanation. 

As for the Shard, Heironeous and Moradin were doubtful that the group were indeed from the future, as time travel had never been done before. Thanks to some existential forethought, the group pointed out aspects of themselves that did not fit with them just being souls. They also managed to get Knox raised during this discussion.

Thus convinced that the Maladroits had indeed journeyed from the future to continue collecting Shards of the Magic Sword, the gods asked why the Staff of Conjuration needed to be given over to Beletsirana. The actions that Bel needed to do in order to preserve the timeline could just as easily be accomplished by agents the gods could send. Bel had only gone through the current timeline once, after all. She might mess it up. Then, the Maladroits could ask the gods for the shard when they return to their own time. This proposition left the Maladroits taken aback. Why DID Beletsirana need to do it? 

After some thought, the group proceeded to give various reasons to support Beletsirana's usage of the Staff, from distrust of angels to how an ex-human deeply invested in events could adapt to situations more readily than outsiders with orders. For his part, Callon asked his sister directly why she wouldn't accept the offer of having angels do the horrible things she needed to do in order to preserve the timeline. Beletsirana responded that performing such horrible acts in her right mind was part of her penance for all the things she had done wrong while her mind was fractured. Seeing that he could not dissuade her and how much she wanted it, Callon reluctantly voiced his support for Bel using the Staff. Creation was already taking a risk with the Maladroits gathering the Shards. Maybe it was the right way to go about these kind of things.

The gods, hearing the Maladroits' arguments, yielded to their decision (for some reason) and gave the Staff to Beletsirana. It molded itself to fit her hands. They also received their on again/off again 'aura of destiny' when the gods made them destined heroes by giving them the unusual blessing of "Don't screw this up." Beletsirana then hit the Staff upon the ground and the party found themselves in the capsules prepared for them by the Inevitables. When they climbed out, Beletsirana was waiting for them. She said that she had been successful in her efforts, though she didn't offer much detail. She hit the Staff upon the ground again and the group found themselves on board the Dibs with the Staff standing upright in the navigation circle. Bel was nowhere to be found. 

Knox quickly figured out how to pilot the Dibs and set course for Riparia while the rest of the crew wandered the ship trying to digest recent events.