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Session 86 - Did someone say work picnic?

posted Jun 4, 2013, 7:43 AM by Andy Burras
The Maladroits dock their astral ship at a portal where Knox determined should lead to Riparia.  As they go through the door, they are surprised to find themselves standing on top of the Ivory Tower.  There they greet Eueth and Fensorciela, who agree to fly them down.  They proceed to meet with Rufus, Cordova, and Morvant, who all decide that the two groups tales could be shared over the tower's new favorite invention; the work picnic.  Over the meal, the Maladroits tell their tale of where and when they've been, and hands over the shard of conjuration.  Rufus, in return, tells them of the research he's been doing, and that he might have a way to get them to the next shard.

On the way back to Bramblewick, several people stop the party and ask for their autographs, which confuses them.  At the manor, they learn from Nico and Qip that while they were gone, several broadsheet stories had been printed about them and their "adventures", which made them famous.  The party also receives some nice presents from the minister of magic, and requested a meeting with them.