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Session 87 - Shank You Very Much

posted Jun 24, 2013, 5:09 PM by Paul H   [ updated Jun 24, 2013, 9:33 PM by Will McCain ]
Having rested for a night after their return from the Outer Planes, the Maladroits were ready to check on how Riparia had been doing. The first order of business, of course, was to have the presents they had received from the Minister of Magic examined. Lucas didn't trust such lavish gifts, no matter how authentic the letter that came with them looked. So, the presents were dropped off at the Haul. 

The Maladroits headed to the Green Olive  and were happy to find Yanjing, Cloverbell, and Clobbb. Less so to find Zephyrstar. Cloverbell and Clobbb had things to discuss with them in private, but all parties were doing well. The group was surprised to find that MacGraenge had found his way to the Olive and had been waiting for them. He told them that since they had freed him from his curse, he figured he owed it to help them out however he could. Lucas had the idea of arming some Riparian soldiers with copies of MacGraenge's firearms. They knew the weapons to be powerful but not widely known, so they asked MacGraenge to go with them to see their inventor friend Kokichi. Yanjing also showed everyone how to enjoy dwarven war bread dipped in his own homemade soup. Since it was getting along towards dinner, the group decided to migrate to the Pimento for a fine dinner. Fensorciela showed up while everyone was settling in and was happily invited to join. When they had just begun eating, the leader of the Champions of the Realm, Elistra, appeared. She told of how the goblins who had mined their way under the city had collapsed a building into the sewers and made a fortress of it. The Champions mounted an assault and were able to defeat the fortified enemy. However, the cost was dire. All of the Champions save for Elistra had perished. The aghast Maladroits offered their condolences and whatever help Elistra needed in her quest for revenge. A toast was then raised to friends present and missing, and the dinner party enjoyed themselves and their excellent food.

The next morning, the Minister of Magic visited Bramblewick Manor. He brought with him a pouch of gold to thank the Maladroits for their efforts. The group thanked him for the gold and for his previous gifts. He replied that he hadn't sent any gifts to the group, confirming Lucas' suspicions. The party immediately headed to the Haul, where they found that the items had, indeed, been discovered to be horribly cursed. When they went to get their gold to pay for having the items tested, they found that their money had been turned into a single chunk of gold that was slowly being magically destroyed. A quick Dispel Magic removed the effect, but not before thousands of gold pieces worth of wealth was lost. The gold melted into a puddle, in which appeared the message: Love, Jonid. It was then the group realized that the Minister of Magic that morning had been Jonid, and that he had located them with nefarious intent. It looked like their stay in Riparia wasn't going to be a restful one, after all.