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Session 88 - A Safe Too Far

posted Jun 24, 2013, 5:10 PM by Paul H   [ updated Jun 27, 2013, 2:03 PM by Will McCain ]
The Maladroits were thoroughly incensed that Jonid had followed them back to Riparia. They resolved to find him, but after they made some stops first. While once more at the Haul, they asked the former adventurers for advice on facing undead and got some useful advice. They then went and got MacGraenge from the Green Olive and took him to see Kokichi.

The usual lively and excited gnome inventor was reserved and looked quite exhausted. Emmett, his newest assistant, looked equally tired. Nonetheless, the pair continued to work on on an cubic engine of some sort that changed itself into a gauntlet when Kokichi inserted his arm. The pair greeted the group as warmly as they could, but the party knew something was amiss. After introductions and a brief demonstration by MacGraenge, Kokichi examined the weapon. He perked up for a brief moment while pondering the new device, then returned to his melancholy. Alera tried to help by healing the numerous wounds he received from testing his strange engine, which noticeably improved (but didn't alleviate) his mood. Callon excused himself to find Gunst in the back of the shop, reading books on military history. The half-dragon was surrounded by piles of such books. He greeted Callon very warmly and spoke enthusiastically about the things he had been learning and about the stories of the Maladroits he had read. He assured Callon that Kokichi's mood was simply something that happened whenever he was about to make a breakthrough and not to worry about it. 

The group proceeded from there to the Ivory Tower for a talk with the Divine Blade. It was Knox's turn to visit the mindscape. When he did, he found Beletsirana waiting among the avatars of the other Shards. She said that she was the Shard of Conjuration. She also suggested (as only a possibility) that the Shard is returned to her at some point in the future and she finds a way to merge with it, thus escaping death. Knox then proceeded to ask the Divine Blade, Aria, the questions he had prepared. He learned that the Lich demigod's domain was an enormous temple filled with the most vile and powerful undead.

Later that night, Kokichi still rested uneasy on everyone's minds. Lucas resolved to try and do something about it. With the help of Callon's Ring of Blinking, he snuck into the workshop. He found the trio fast asleep, which eased his worries some. While rummaging, he found receipts and orders that Kokichi was to fill (and make quite a lot of money off of), but nothing that indicated what might have him so out of sorts. He found a safe which held the engine they had seen earlier. Thinking that there might be clues inside, he started to open it. He couldn't tell what magical alarms Kokichi had placed on it, but he was willing to risk it. At the last moment, however, he found that he couldn't betray the trust of his inventor friend. He scrambled the tumblers, activated the Ring of Blinking, and escaped through the roof. He returned to Bramblewick Manor, grumbling in frustration. 

Lucas recounted his caper the next morning. The Maladroits applauded his integrity and offered their sympathies that they still had no clues. At that moment, one of the outer walls of Bramblewick exploded. They all rushed to see what had caused it and saw that their red dragon statue had been magically animated. It had blown a hole in the wall in order to escape and wreak havoc in the streets of Riparia. 


As they prepared to battle their prized possession, they knew how they would be spending the rest of day.