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Session 89 - You had ONE job, Alera

posted Jul 3, 2013, 9:14 AM by Will McCain
The Maladroits rushed into the street next to Bramblewick Manor. The animated dragon corpse had demolished part of a nearby building, but it didn't look like there were any casualties. Not wasting a moment, the party moved into position. Lucas bounded onto the rooftops, Knox flew into the air, Alera rushed through the house onto a nearby street, and Callon activated his Ring of Blinking and passed through the walls of Bramblewick to emerge in melee with the dragon. While it had the appearance of the dragon, it was simply a magical construct. Their primary concern was not surviving, but ensuring that no bystanders were injured and, if possible, keep the centerpiece of their trophy room intact.

Callon and Lucas drew dragon's attention and began to tear it apart - carefully. Knox, meanwhile, tried to dispel the magic that gave the dragon life. He eventually succeeded in removing the magic that let the construct fly. Now that it was grounded, the Maladroits were confident that they could reduce it back to the lifeless stuffing it used to be. Alas, such was not meant to be.

Alera tragically misread the danger of the situation and decided that she would try and finish the dragon for good. In her haste and poor judgement, she cast Destruction on the construct, instantly reducing it to ash. Her moment of victory was short-lived, however. The rest of the Maladroits were aghast at what she had done. An angry Lucas took her to task for not thinking of how they were trying to keep the dragon mostly intact so that it could be mended and placed back in the trophy room. He would not be the last to call her out on her mistake.

After surveying the damage and making arrangements to have it fixed, the Maladroits split up to try and find whatever clues they could on Jonid's whereabouts. There were many rumors, but no solid leads. Callon returned and gathered Alera for a trip to the Haul to ask their opinion. When they arrived, the members of the Haul were dismayed by Alera's reckless and thoughtless decision to destroy the hard work they put into having the dragon stuffed. Moreover, they were deeply upset that Jonid had been able to turn their work into a construct without them knowing, considering the work involved in making a construct. They activated the impressive security they had installed on their shop and began to make sure that Jonid had not left anything to trouble them. Lucas and Knox had gone out to find the rest of the group at the Haul, but only found an abandoned store when they arrived. The magical security moved the Haul itself and erected an illusion in its place. 

The Haul was able to provide one bit of news to the Maladroits. Namely, that Jonid was a gnomeling - half gnome, half halfling. Gnomelings were universally gifted, having inherited a gnome's skill with magic and a halfling's luck. However, they were also universally mad. As Jonid was undoubtedly a high-level caster, they did not take his antics lightly. 

Eventually, Callon and Alera rejoined the group, and they decided to go to the Ivory Tower to tell them of their unwanted and annoying adversary. Rufus was as dismayed as the Haul, as a high level magic user devoted to plaguing the Maladroits was a danger to everyone in Riparia. He agreed to do what he could to find him, although a caster like Jonid would not be easily found by magic. 

The Maladroits returned home, with a new quest to find Jonid and minus one rockin' dragon statue.

Thanks, Alera.