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Session 90 - Undead in the Shed

posted Jul 11, 2013, 11:14 AM by Andy Burras
(Featuring special guest DM Mitch Cantrell!)

The Maladroits decided to try to hire the hooded lantern to potentially find Jonid for them.  At the Green Olive, they found Cloverbell, who was hired to search for the mad gnomeling at the price of two pomegranates.  While at the Green Olive, the Maladroits also meet up with Watch, who was a bit miffed that he hadn't been invited to the big BBQ, but forgave them after the party caught him up on all their adventures.  He even made them dinner that night while discussing his thoughts on their journeys, and going over the incredible book he is writing.

In the wee hours of the morning, the Maladroits, sleeping soundly in their warm, comfy beds, received a vistor.  It was Morvent.  They were going to train with him later that day, and he wanted to help work on what the spell-casters would prepare for the day before they actually prepared spells.  Later that morning, Morvant led them to an empty field where they would fight various forms of undead, and try out some new tactics.  In several waves, they battled skeletal versions of themselves, a skelephant bursting through a shed, ghouls, devouring fog, a baykok (sp?) and a shadow.  New spells and tactics were tried out, some to greater success than others.  After the waves, Morvant would give some advice to the party about what to expect from undead, and how to handle them.

The party now prepares for the third wave, which so far only an eerie grave knight has shown up.