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Session 94 - Better Safe Than Dead

posted Aug 19, 2013, 2:20 PM by Will McCain
Though the Maladroits dismissed Knox's bad dream as nothing to worry over, they all agreed that it never hurt to be prepared for anything. To that end, Knox had drawn up some suggestions on new party tactics. After reviewing them and discussing other options amongst themselves, the party decided to use the few days they had to wait before the weapon was ready to be sent out to the watchtower for retraining and upgrading some equipment. 

With new tactics and better gear in hand, the fearless adventurers traveled by magic carpet to the watchtower with the magical defense system. They stood guard at the base of the tower while the mages installed the system at its top. Their hopes for a dull day were smashed when two bands of goblins appeared on the road, ready to fight. Looking over them, the Maladroits could tell that these were veterans of many battles with the Riparian Guard. They quickly formed a plan of attack.

Callon and Lucas charged north to engage what seemed to be the more dangerous party while Alera and Knox were left to try and hold back the western group. The western grouped charged Alera faster than they had anticipated, but the cleric of Sarenrae was ready. Throwing her gaze to the heavens, she chanted a Holy Word and called down the might of the Dawnflower upon the vile goblin attackers. Two of the beserkers attacking here were slain on the spot and the third was blinded and paralyzed. Two of the foes that Callon and Lucas were facing, a knight and a spellcaster, were also paralyzed, and their archer blinded. The remainder of the western party moved in on  Alera, but the Maladroits did not waste their opportunity. Lucas returned to aid Alera against the wolf rider while Knox turned the flying goblin fiend to stone. Alera had been confused by the goblin warpriest, but only a few attacks were able to land on her thanks to the efforts of her teammates. Callon made short work of the remaining goblins in the northern party who had not been paralyzed and watched with satisfaction as the rest of his team cleaned up the stragglers. Lucas knocked out the last goblin berserker and placed him within the tower for later questioning.

It wasn't long before the magical defense system was activated and bolts of lightning scorched the earth around the Maladroits in a field test. With their enemies defeated or routed, Callon sheathed Desangriev and took note that the battle had been won without the usual need of Alera's healing might. It had been a good day.