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Session 96 - Interlocated

posted Sep 20, 2013, 10:49 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Sep 20, 2013, 10:53 AM ]
Our intrepid Maladroits set "sail" into the Plane of Shadow toward their destination in the alternate cosmology. They all watched as the lands they knew raced past, a dark and sometimes unsettling mirror of the forms they knew. Days past as they traveled. They ate, slept, trained, talked, and prepared for the trials ahead. During one moment of wakefulness (since day and night held little meaning in the twilight realm), the party heard scrambling sounds on the sides of the Dibs. Moments later, they were set upon by Interlocutors!

Foul and towering monstrosities of metal and flesh, the mere gaze of such a nightmare sight gave the Maladroits pause. They proved formidable foes, even bringing back to life their fallen comrades. The party was forced to rework their already refined tactics more than once. In the end, between Knox's magical hindrances, Alera's holy flame, and the coordinated assault of Callon and Lucas, the abominations fell like every other foe that had risen against the Maladroits.

The Plane of Shadow eventually parted ways with the Material Plane and the Maladroits steeled themselves as they floated through the void between cosmologies, going where none that they knew had ever voyaged. So their journey into unknown but assured danger continued.