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Session 97 - Coffin Up an Army

posted Sep 27, 2013, 1:57 PM by Will McCain
A new realm rose before the Maladroits on the Dibs. Looking out over the landscape in the Plane of Shadow, they saw a vast expanse of wilderness and an immense spire rising before them. It looked hundreds of miles tall and made them cognizant of the power they were confronting. Knox guided the ship to where the Rod of Divination directed them and the party disembarked by way of a Plane Shift from Alera. 

They found themselves, not in a barren lifeless waste, but a forest. There were no signs of other life, though they did see scattered ruins. The spire that they had seen on the Plane of Shadow appeared now as a ziggurat only a few hundred meters tall. They took a few moments to scout the new land. Knox flew into the sky while Lucas climbed into a nearby tree. Both observed flying scouts and a horde of undead surrounding the base of the ziggurat. Lucas, however, noticed a path that seemed to lead through the greater part of the horde. With the cautious Rogues in the lead, the party began marching toward the structure.

They eventually came upon a band of undead stopped in a clearing. Although numbering well over 20 monstrosities, it was the smallest band they had yet seen. With no options to circumvent the foes, the Maladroits carefully planned their attack. Thanks to some invisibility from Knox, Alera strode unnoticed up to the undead and called down a Holy Word. Many of the undead were slain on the spot, and even more were struck blind. Knox, still taking to the air, then unleashed a Prismatic Spray upon the rest, sending many of the larger foes to another plane and petrifying or damaging the others. With the enemy party weakened, Callon and Lucas sprung from opposite sides of the clearing and began to engage the enemies who had avoided the worst of the magic. It wasn't long before the undead were decimated and the Maladroits continued their wary journey towards the structure.

The party wanted to have Knox and Alera prepare some new spells before they engaged another enemy, so they kept a lookout for a safe place to rest. Well, as safe as could be found. With Lucas going before them, they found that ziggurat curiously empty. As they made their way deeper inside, they discovered why. In the middle of the second floor they found a number of enormous, empty coffins that were slowly being filled with a strange purple liquid that poured from the ceiling. Upon investigating them, the party deduced that the coffins were made to create undead after they were filled with the magical liquid. Then, the undead would leave the coffins and proceed out of the ziggurat to join the ranks outside. 

Since the coffins were currently inactive, the group decided to wait until Knox could prepare Mage's Magnificent Mansion and the retreat into it so that they all could rest without interruption. After that, they would have to figure out how to get to the top of the ziggurat and, presumably, the demigod lich.