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Session 98 - Mummy Dearest

posted Oct 6, 2013, 6:58 AM by Will McCain
Having rested, dined, and prepared the most potent spells, the Maladroits reluctantly left the posh security of Knox's Magnificent Mage's Mansion. Their next task: finding a way to the higher levels of the ziggurat.

They didn't have to look for long. They came upon a room with more undead swarming around a single ladder leading to the next floor. Alera led off with another Holy Word, crippling their foes. Thanks to a series of critically powerful hits from Callon, the undead clerics went down quickly. Knox and Lucas dispensed their usual brand of lethality and the room was soon cleared.

Following Lucas' lead, the party climbed the stone ladder into a scene of horrid gore. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room were covered in the blood and body parts of some unfortunate soul. There was a foreboding portal in the center of the room that everyone avoided. After finding a broken holy symbol, they deduced it was a cleric or paladin of Pelor. Alera began a prayer to Sarenrae for the poor soul. The group was surprised to hear the beautiful chiming of bells filling the room. Just then, something happened to the portal.

Once, in a memory of valor long since corrupted within the walls of the ziggurat, a devout warrior of Pelor suffered the triumph of evil. For a time unknown, his remains stood as a grim monument to his sacrifice. When new heroes found his resting place and tried to honor him, the dark energies offered a final insult by folding his soul, mistaken for a portal, into a mighty mummy lord.

The Maladroits guessed at the strength of the new foe and decided on unmitigated offense. Callon and Lucas entered into their formidable flanking positions and tore at the bandaged flesh while Alera unleashed a powerful Heal spell upon the undead. Their quick assault felled the mummy before he was able to unleash his full might.

The heroes left the room to look for another place to rest. Alera, though fatigued by mummy rot and most needing of rest, lingered. Clasping her hands and invoking the mercy of the Dawnflower, she finished her prayer:

"Rest now in the peace you have so earned."