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Session 99 - Noise Complaint, Possession, Attempted Murder, Destruction of Property, Animal Cruelty and Littering

posted Oct 11, 2013, 10:06 AM by Andy Burras
After a rest, the Maladroits continue their ascent of the ziggurat.

The next level had them face off against more undead foes, which this time included banshees.  Their wails falling upon our heroes ears caused a great disheartening.  Especially when everyone's favorite fox was slain by it.

Despite the extreme tragedy, the Maladroits pressed on.  Going to the next level, they found a similar energy orb to the one where they encountered the mummy.  This time, though there was a strange red, blood-like liquid flowing from a body under the orb.  The liquid was identified as 'liquid pain'.  When Alera got close to the body, she found it that it was kind of dead but kind of alive, too.  She heard a faint whisper say, "Kill me", as the orb exploded like last time.  This time however, a dinosaur and ghost appeared!  As the Maladroits tried to contain the dinosaur, the ghost possessed Callon's body.  Using all his powers, the possessed Callon launched an attack against Alera.  Knox used the getaway spell to teleport the whole party to several stories below.  This had the bonus of kicking the ghost out of Callon.  Back to normal, the party dealt with the ghost (with some minor destruction of the ceiling) before it could get back.

They then decided it would be more advantageous to press onward and up instead of retreating.  They now rest in the 6th level of the evil pyramid.