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Session 60 - Jailhouse Rumble

posted Nov 13, 2012, 10:11 AM by Paul H   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 3:53 PM by Will McCain ]
Our heroes awoke in a jail cell, stripped of possessions, surrounded by Akari, and guarded by mind flayers. They met Nico and Qip, twin Akari rebels, who told them about themselves. The twins revealed that they, the PCs, and the other Akari were to be sacrificed the following day in a mind flayer ritual. The PCs escaped their cell and went in search of their equipment, only to find a trio of mind flayer guards. Lucas died in the ensuing battle, but was immediately brought back to life. Nico and Qip emerged from the cell and, despite their weakened conditions, rendered aid to the PCs. The guards defeated, our heroes retrieved their items and chose to bunker down for a rest, stone shaping the wall to create a secret sleeping compartment.