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Legend of Speculation

Andy Jason Katie Will

Trouble in Riparia

Why don't teleportation spells work correctly?

They began to malfunction after Dreadthorne stole the crown of the king, which turned out to be the Shadow of Power. It has also been established in the Right Hand of Power campaign that Caesras introduced symbols and rituals relating to the Darkness Immortal many years prior to this event. Perhaps there is an underlying magical instability brought about by this that the Shadow of Power was holding at bay? Perhaps Caesras hopes to have all those who could oppose her gather in Riparia and then spring a trap of some nature? With no magical means of escape, the city and its heroes would be doomed.
I thought that teleportation spells had been malfunctioning BEFORE the crown went missing?

Entirely possible. I don't have notes for the very beginning, but there might have been talk around town about conjuration magic not working right. 

One thing that hasn't been addressed (at least I don't think) is whether or not it's something that's isolated to Riparia. Is it happening in Morend? Tortuftus? Ifnutia?

I could study some teleportation spells when we get back to the city, and then we could really figure this out.

The Darkness Immortal

What is it?

The antithesis of all things. The absolute symmetry that existed before Creation. It serves as a continual counterpoint to existence that cannot be destroyed. Was pushed back from Creation by the Magic Sword and sealed in place.

What happens if it comes back?

If it returns, it is expected to consume all that exists and return the innumerable cosmologies of the multiverse to a perfect state of nonbeing.

That is assuming, of course, that the Light is not equally invulnerable. Perhaps the return of the Darkness Immortal would mean a consumption and immediate reemergence of the Light Triumphant? A Second Creation? If so, then perhaps whoever remains, unconsumed, at the heart of the Darkness Immortal would return in that Second Creation as the driving mind behind the Light Triumphant and the architect of the new multiverse?

Caesras the Dark

Who is she? What's her deal?

She's a bitch.
Well, she is.

Caesras ("empty" in ancient Elven) the Dark, or She Who Can But Really Shouldn't Be Named, is an Akari who lost her family many years ago. It destroyed her inside and caused her to question what and who she believed in. Before this, she had served Boccob. She wandered for answers and found old lore in the temples of evil races that, we assume, taught her about the Darkness Immortal. It was then she fell out of sight of the gods.
Caesras is now the psychopomp of the Darkness Immortal (perhaps the meaning behind the name she took?) and is revered and feared by the Akari. Her full designs remain unclear, but they have been long in the making. To be willing to facilitate the return of a force that would be the obliteration of all things, it must be assumed that Caesras is either a crazed nihilist (if her will is subservient to the Darkness Immortal) or has been able to make exemptions to this fate.

What's her motive for all this? What does she hope to accomplish? Why does she want to?

Personally, I'm starting to get more and more behind the idea of her using the Darkness Immortal to try and "reset" the multiverse. If the death of her family truly impacted her enough that she denounce her god, then perhaps she feels it was an inherent flaw of existence that needs to be corrected.

Maybe she's not completely in control of what she's doing.  We know she found a secret temple, and has power to send stuff back in time.  Maybe there's something bigger that just using her.

For what purpose does she employ her lieutenants? What made her choose them? What does she offer them?


Oragor Dreadthorne

Caesras made him kill Rancor, his friend. Why is he still working for her?

Her power is undeniable. If any of his goals are to be achieved, it is likely that he believes Caesras to be the only one who can deliver them. Besides, it is doubtful that she would let him leave and even moreso that he could defeat her.

What are his goals? What does he really want?

At one point I believe we learned (or maybe it was just Callon in the afterlife) that he wanted to have goblinkind get their "rightful due." This was what Rancor and he were working towards before Caesras showed up. Caesras promised him power, so he swore allegiance to her.

Why did he take Jessa?

Maybe he needs someone of the royal bloodline to fully utilize the Shadow of Power?
Good theory, which might tie back into the issue with conjuration. How did the royal family come by way of the Shadow of Power? How are they connected to it? 

The Shards and the Shadow

Where are the Shards?


What's to be done with the Shards once they're collected? How?


What's the nature of the Shadow of Power?


How did the Riparian royal family come into possession of the Shadow of Power?

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