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The Prophecy


1 (Common)

I can't believe it's taken them so long
To send this group of hopeless maladroits.
So little's kept so much from going wrong
We'll have to do with these buffoons' exploits.

The future isn't like words in a book,
With meaning lain in lines and paragraphs.
The route of prophesy is oft mistook
For treasure maps instead of epitaphs.

The adventure begins, and thus the Hopeless Maladroits are named!

You don't follow prophecy line by line. You have the catch the whole meaning. You can't properly tell someone the future by watching the events unfold one by one. You look to the conclusion of it all and tell them how it all went as a recounting looking back from the end - an epitaph.

2 (Celestial)

You've nearly reached the truth held in this shrine,
And once you've grasped and taken in my point,
The journey home will little more malign
Your corpses than your blood will disappoint.

Obtaining the Divine Blade and figuring out how to use "her." Is the end a hint that there really isn't anything special about us?

3a (Goblin)

A horde returns to water's edge again,
And this time bears an ancient arsenal
Entrusted to the mage-wyrms least of ken
And tied to them with rune and syllable.

This firestorm will sweep across the land,
And blood will boil and men transform to light.
Move quickly if you hope to countermand,
For tools are weapons if you hold them right.

Obtain the Shard of Evocation

3b (Sylvan)

The last of the first race to clear the skies –
They fill their souls with smoke and savage flame.
With struggle and the help of open eyes,
Safe passage lies alongside their acclaim.

What makes a man or woman great or low?
What force can kindle greatness' first spark?
The power that dealt stargazers a blow
Had made a man a king and then an ark.

His works remain within his blighted tomb
Though mighty men will see them and despair.
If you can find the opening to his room
You will have gone too far, I fear. Beware.

Obtain the Shard of Enchantment *groan* 

3c (Undercommon)

Without a net or escort, but a map,
You'll come to be where clouds are never found.
The shining light of water is a trap
That takes you to your object underground.

The night is thick and armed and bares its teeth,
And words of darkest hate will strip your mind.
Your enemy is here, but underneath,
The answer to her questions you may find.

When all the crucial routes have been traversed,
And you've your focus and its coronet,
Relinquish neither – though they are accursed,
You'll need them to escape the oubliette.

Obtain the Shard of Necromancy

 I'm pretty sure this whole passage is dealing with our journey in the desert and the Akari City. 

"the shining light of water is a trap" most likely refers to that oasis we saw but could never actually get to.

"the night is thick and armed and bares its teeth" is the remains of the ancient behemoth the city is built in.  "Words of darkest hate will strip your mind" was probably a warning about the mind-flayers.  "The answers to her questions you may find" refer to the temple were Erelldet was found.

the "focus" and the "coronet" are the necromancy shard and the anullus that were found.

 3d (Abyssal)

Indebted to a host of lesser fates,
And harried like no other would remain,
The woman that is not a woman waits
Amid four golden pillars feigning fane.

With her assistance only will you keep
Upon your charted course of destiny.
The ticking clocks that keep her from her sleep
Will be unwound by opportunity.

Walk gently on the frozen pond you cross
And come out of the cold with urgent speed;
Though winter's light will gold transform to dross,
It's yours to choose if choice will intercede.

lt almost sounds like we're undoing something. Obtaining the Shard of Abjuration? "Gold transform to dross" sounds like Transmutation, though.

3e (Draconic)

You'll tunnel to a dusker latitude
Where tiers of dead are stacked with foul finesse.
Reward them with the peace they have accrued.
And coronate their king of nothingness.

When aid out of the blue is volunteered
A most unlikely partnership is joined.
Within a place for captives disappeared
The needful piece can be... let's say "purloined."

The guards are fierce, but easily outstripped
In viciousness by that which they blockade.
If, with your lives, you can escape the crypt,
A trove of treasure's yours, although outweighed.

Interesting that we are supposed to "coronate a king of nothingness" here after receiving a "coronet" in 3c. Perhaps a reference to the lich and the Annulus? Also, maybe "tunneling to a dusker latitude" refers to traveling the Plane of Shadow to the other cosmology.

3f (Gnome)

A secret kept below and past the shore –
That's lain so deep for longer than makes sense –
Is hid behind a well-lit, public door.
It's purposes and motives are intents.

You cannot walk the trails beyond alone,
But none of you will trod another's course.
So divvy and apportion, not postpone
You'll face ordeals untold before the source.

And when, at last, you learn what has been done
You'll try in vain to wake yourself from dreams.
So look around. Live in the tale that's spun.
For little, here, is little what it seems.

Sounds like the Shard of Illusion, perhaps. Or Conjuration?

After the discussion with the Ivory Tower, I wonder if this is a reference to the extra-dimensional realm beneath the tower? Riparia means "by the water," after all, so something beneath the Tower would be "below and past the shore."  I think it also makes sense that we can't "tred another's course," judging by what we saw.

3g (Giant)

The final fragment's honed as he assails.
The skirmishes you dread exceed your fears.
And when his master's perfidy prevails,
He finds his reparation in arrears.

Your foe surrenders nothing. All is fair.
You'll face no other man with his aplomb.
He gives you, not a warning, but a dare:
"Remember this: the worst is yet to come."

We fight Dreadthorne over something important. A shard? The Shadow of Power? He is betrayed by Caesras, but still fights us honorably and proudly.

Obtain the Ninth Shard/Shadow of Power?

4 (Auran, Ignan, Terran, Aquan)

A child of necessity is born
And, in so doing, makes itself a threat.
It stands for peace but is, itself, a sword.
The joy of it is but cause for regret.

Could the child refer to the Magic Sword? The shards are sentient, after all, and the very essence of magic. Who says it has to stay in the form of a sword? It also would be reforged or born to bring peace from the Darkness Immortal but is still a weapon. There would be joy upon its completion, as it gives Creation hope, but maybe there's a catch. There was a reason it was shattered, after all.

5 (Dwarven)

The middle sister's veil is torn away.
She guards her heart, but if you win her grace,
Her joy will prove a wonderous display.
The end is near if you can find the place.

There were once three moons in the sky, and were called the Three Sisters. Just sayin'.

6 (Common)

The three in one will but reduce their count,
And one alit in stone and cloth will gift
A final fragment from the flowing fount.
It's but a skipping stone away, adrift.

Referencing the above, Callon's visions involved a moon being shattered and falling to earth.

7 (Elven)

All's ready for her to resume her plot.
If only she can find where where did wend.
The city sunk between the real and not
With blade aligned will grudgingly ascend.

Caesras' plot? The mystics who forged the Magic Sword retreated from the Material Plane with their city. Perhaps the city holds the final seals on the Darkness Immortal, so Caesras must find where its location - "where" - ended up being - "wend". Perhaps the Magic Sword or the Shadow of Power summons the city back? Is the city necessary to use the Magic Sword, as well? Most importantly, are the mystics still there?

8 (unknown language)

And finally, a single task is left:
For you to die, and take the world along
The Darkness then will leave this world bereft.
Not even ashes... <the Oracle dies>

Interesting that the Darkness leaves the world bereft and not destroyed or obliterated. Or that it leaves anything at all. Maybe through dying, we're able to take the world with us to some place safe from the complete destruction of the Darkness Immortal? Death is just a transfer of planes, after all.