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Here are the eight schools of magic. Under each, you can make notes about the nature of that Shard, or its manifestation in the mindscape of the Divine Blade. Or whatever.

The Shards




A staff that was in possession of Callon's sister, Beletsirana.  She received it from Morodin when he asked her to hold an office of one of the dead gods.  The Maladroits had a time travel adventure in order to help her and make sure they get the staff.  Capable of sending people anywhere in the cosmology along with sending souls through time.


The Divine Blade. Aria. Small dagger with a taste for blood. Appears in the mindscape as a gorgeous blonde woman who is eternally bored, though was once surprised.


A talking rapier who always tries to dominate its wielder. Was responsible (so it claims) for raising up the Guren to their state of brilliance and enlightenment and for making Mazoo, well, Magnificent. 


An unassuming short sword that was used to power ancient Draconic artifacts with, what must be assumed, ease. Appears in the mindscape as a towering figure of elemental energies who HAS TROUBLE WHISPERING.




An longsword darker than night. Once used to kill an Illithid weilding the power of the Annulus. Was found resting against the Annulus, as each cancels out the powers of the other.  Appears in the mindscape as a bored looking teenage girl


A hand-and-a-half sword that's always shifting in form 
All together, they make the

Magic Sword

Focused essence of Primordial Magic made by agents of the Light Triumphant to push back the Darkness Immortal. Created the eight schools when it was shattered into the shards. 
And then, there's the

Shadow of Power

The Ninth Shard, thus representing the "ninth school of magic."  Can "do what the other shards cannot". Like make them get along, I'll bet.