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<unpronounceable> Tart 3 Pixie N/A Sharpleaf Forest The PCs rescued him from monsters. 
1201  Will-o'-the-wisp N/A Northern Swamps Traded information with the PCs in exchange for delicious fear. 
Adobar  Human Glassblower Sluicegate Had a *cough* relationship with Alera. 
Amii  Half-elf Mage Ivory Tower Former apprentice, now lead assistant to Rufus. 
Anteal  Half-elf Travelling scholar Sluicegate Jeff Goldbloom. 
Aubin Marblefist  Dwarf Maitre d' The Pimento But of course. 
Baham-baham  Stone golem Guardian Golden Pavilion  
Beletsirana Foxmane Bel Elan Bearer of the Shard of Conjuration ??? Elder sister of Callon. Held divine office as The Lady (see other entry). 
Boken That guy we keep running into Human/Undead Wanderer/Bard Temple of Magus Turned undead by the lich demigod Magus. Not too keen on it. 
Brunxmiller Sarge Human Bouncer The Copper Dragon Old man, very grumpy 
Brushfire  Elf Fighter Riparia (refugee) Champion of the Realm 
Bull Bull Human Fighter? The Pimento, often Member of the Invincible Trio 
Caesras the Dark  Elf? Antagonist  The Big Bad's boss. Name means "empty" in ancient Elven. 
Cat Cat Dwarf Rogue? The Pimento, often Member of the Invincible Trio, unknown dwarvish clan 
Clobbbb Clob, Clobb, Clobbb Half-orc Rogue and then some Riparia Member of the Hooded Lantern. 
Cloverbell i'm on this website! hi. Gnome Rogue Riparia Very young. Member of the Hooded Lantern. Avatar of a god! 
Cordova Reesa Cordova, Mistress Cordova, the Jewel of Riparia Elf Cleric of Olidammara Ivory Tower Member of the Congregate, and heck of a thief. 
Dakai Yanjing Yanjing, Open Eyes Half-orc Barbarian The Green Olive Wisest young warrior of his tribe. 
Des & Griev Desangriev Celestial and fiendish spirits Greatsword Callon's scabbard  
Dram Dram the Opportunistic Great Wyrm Blue Dragon uh... dragon Alternate cosmology Seeks to destroy Magus' phylactery so he can rule what remains of the world 
Elistra Quicklime  Human Rogue Riparia (refugee) Champion of the Realm (leader) 
Emberfox  Elf Rogue The Haul Sister of Glittergem and Rowanberry. 
Emmett  Half-elf Apprentice Kokichi's workshop Former Stingblade cutpurse; given another chance by Lucas and Kokichi. 
Erelldet the Profane  Lamia  Undersand Temple Friend(?) of Caesras 
Erika Winewright  Human Barwench Sluicegate Loves to provoke barfights at the Yellow Sword Inn. 
Eriste  Half-elf Mage Sluicegate Tikatintinnus' partner. Daria Morgandorfer with spells. 
Eueth  Phoenix N/A Riparia Advising the Ivory Tower 
Exscorench Old Exscorench Gold dragon Leader of the Dragon Council Northern Mountains Great wyrm. 
Faltran Sunderfall  Dwarf Riparian envoy to the Tallfellows Castle She witnessed the deal the PCs brokered. 
Fensorciela  Copper dragon Elder of the Dragon Council Riparia Wyrm. 
FernDelia Ifnubottom Freckles Gnome Conjurer The Copper Dragon Original Hopeless Maladroit 
Fox Ironheart Fox Dwarf Wizard? The Pimento, often Member of the Invincible Trio, swaps out many rings often 
Glittergem  Elf Mage The Haul Sister of Emberfox and Rowanberry. 
Grit  Human Monk Astral Plane Leader of the Astral Vigil. Jerkbag. 
Guntz  Half-dragon (bronze)  Kokichi's workshop  
Halthuphas  Silver dragon Member of Dragon Council Northern Mountains Ancient. Currently caring for the young survivors of Caesras' massacre of the Dragon Council 
Hollyhock Holly Elf Mage The Haul Does the magic and enchanting for the Haul 
Horace Briarmane  Centaur Innkeeper The Green Olive Is beloved by children, much to his chagrin. 
Jacob Taverner  Human Innkeeper Sluicegate Runs the Yellow Sword Inn. 
Janice  Human Receptionist Ivory Tower  
Jessa Princess Jessa, the ACTUAL Jewel of Riparia Human Princess  Kidnapped by Oragor Dreadthorne. 
Jonid  Gnome? Halfling? Illusionist Dead Mad from Mazoo's tomb. In need of shanking. 
Kell  Elf Transmuter Riparia Knox's mother, has weasel familiar named Business 
Kokichi  Gnome Inventor! Riparia; his workshop Working on a steam- and/or magic-powered suit. 
Kotcese  Hobgoblin Banker Sluicegate Deceased. 
Kyros  Dwarf Knight (retired) Sluicegate Baker of dwarven war bread (and war danishes). Deceased. 
Lifti Cobblebough  Halfling Smith The Haul Blacksmith? That's racist. 
Lollipop  Halfling Vampire Prison of the gods Destroyer of kingdoms, but shown a different path by the Maladroits 
Magus The demigod lich  Sorcerer Alternate cosmology Sought to rise to full godhood. Stopped by the Maladroits 
Marjorie Briarmane  Human Innkeeper The Green Olive Horace's adoring wife. 
Mayes General Mayes Human General of the Riparian Army The castle and the field Renown hero. 
Mazoo The Magnificent King Mazoo Human Adventurer/King His tomb In magical stasis. Immune to shanking. 
McGraenge  Human Gunslinger Sagebrush Cursed wanderer and masterless man. 
Morvant Master Morvant Half-orc Necromancer Ivory Tower Inexplicable ladies man. Has a zombie dog named Stitches. 
Nico The Valorous Akari Paladin of Pelor Bramblewick Manor Akari rebel. Twin of Qip. 
Oragor Dreadthorne  Ogre mage Antagonist At large The Big Bad 
Pebble  Dwarf Monk Astral Vigil Custodian of the Golden Pavilion. Current leader of the Astral Vigil. 
Pitri Professor Pitri Gnome Wizard Ivory Tower Deceased. Considered shanked. 
Qip The Steadfast Akari Druid Bramblewick Manor Akari rebel. Twin of Nico. 
Rebis Kit Old Blind Rebis Human Bard Sluicegate Dreams of ghosts. 
Rhea Mother of Silvana Human Housekeeper Bramblewick Manor Had a child from a distant relative of Callon's. Skipped town on her, so Callon took responsibility. 
Rohir Shaleskin  Dwarf Accountant The Haul Handles the Haul's finances. 
Rost  Elf Transmuter Riparia Knox's father, has a toad familiar named Ribbles 
Rowanberry  Elf Infantry The Haul / the army Brother of Glittergem and Emberfox. 
Rufus Astor Archmage Astor, Nicodemus Human Loremaster Ivory Tower Archmage of the Ivory Tower 
Silvana The newest Foxmane Human Student Bramblewick Manor Rhea's daughter. Has Foxmane hair. 
Simone  Half-elf Wizard/scholar Ivory Tower Traveled from the Ivory Academy 
Snugok Handsome Kobold Alchemist The Haul Potions? Of course me make potions! You pay now! 
Stonewall  Dwarf Abjurer Riparia (refugee) Champion of the Realm 
The Darkness Immortal The Overdark    Uh-oh. 
The Lady Avanna, Lyris, Athena Office of a goddess Goddess of Fate, Balance, and Victory. Maybe. Within Beletsirana Foxmane The previous divinity, Avanna, was beloved of Moradin. 
Tikatintinnus Ifnubottom  Gnome Huckster Sluicegate FernDelia's uncle. 
Triss Lightfoot Triss Tallfellow Halfling Ranger Outside Riparia Former ally of the PCs. Best pal of Lickity, her riding dog. 
Volfeng  Half-orc Cleric of Obad-hai Riparia (refugee) Champion of the Realm 
Watch  Kobold Mage Riparia Lord General Rancor's former servant. Wise and old. 
Yelenae  Human Paladin of Elhona Sluicegate Brave defender of Sluicegate. Struggles with self-doubt. 
Yorith Shaleskin  Dwarf Apothecary Ripaira (refugee) Mayor of destroyed town in the Dutchy of Briars. 
Zephyrstar  Elf Bard The Green Olive, usually Impressive (only?) to children 
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