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Groups and gatherings, here they be.
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Astral Vigil   Astral Plane Ivory Tower has requested aid from the Vigil and has yet to receive a response. 
Congregate Guild of churches for Good (and related) dieties. Neutral Good Riparia  
Corralhammer Clan Clan of seafaring dwarves.  Corralhammer Atoll Declined to aid Riparia in their war, but agreed to carry a message to the Ivory Academy. 
Crow Organized crime syndicate. Lawful Evil Riparia  
Dead Pirates Evil marauding pirates. Chaotic Evil Sea Antagonizes the Tiderunners. 
Dragon Council Summit of Good dragons. Neutral Good Mountains far to the north Devastated by Caesras and Oragor. Few remain. 
Golden Pavilion Monastery of enlightenment-seekers.  unknown Messenger of Riparian Council could not locate the Pavilion to request aid. Was found, however, to have had his memory altered. 
Hooded Lantern Secret vigilante society. Chaotic Good Riparia Hates Crow and Stingblades. 
Horizon Hunters Adventurers guild. True Neutral Riparia Antipathy toward the Invicible Trio. 
Invincible Trio Legendary adventurers known throughout the land.    
Ivory Academy Ivory Tower's university branch.  Through the Stormwall  
Ivory Tower Riparia's most powerful mage's guild. True Neutral Riparia Heading up efforts to find the Shards and defeat Caesras. 
Lord Flataroy Famous adventurer noble.  His keep Ripiarian Council has requested help from him. 
Red Axe League Well-known mercenaries guild. Chaotic Neutral Riparia Minor antagonism of the Horizon Hunters. 
Riparian Guard Military of Riparia City. Lawful Neutral Riparia Loyal to the crown. 
Sky People Tribe of barbarian orcs descended from the Guren. Lawful Neutral Northern Jungle Lawful. And don't forget it. 
Stingblades Guild of thieves and assassins. Neutral Evil Riparia Feared where it's known at all. 
Tallfellow Tribes Nomadic halflings.  Halfling wanderlands; currently outside Riparia and at war. Multiple tribes claim the name "Tallfellows." It's a loose confederation. 
Tiderunners Consortium Riparia's largest merchant guild. Lawful Good Riparia  
Showing 19 items