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Callon was born in the Kingdom of Morend as the second child of the Foxmane family. His life took a turn for the tragic when his mother died in the Outsider War and his father went on a pilgrimage of penitence for the death of a celestial. Though raised to minor nobility thanks to his father's military deeds, he had sought a simple life of making things in the time his father was gone. When he returned, however, he appointed Callon heir to the House of Foxmane. As long standing Defenders of the Realm, it fell to Callon to enlist and serve in the Morendi army. He fought in the Tortuftan Conflict and rose to the rank of Captain. Meanwhile, strange things had been taking hold of his elder sister, Beletsirana, in his absence. They came to a head during his wedding to the daughter of the noble House of Brineheart. Beletsirana appeared, wielding powerful magic, and slew many soldiers and sailors who tried to attack her. She caused Callon's new bride, Carissa, to fall into a magical slumber before offering a vague threat of return and disappearing. Afterwards Callon was pressured into annuling his marriage to Carissa by those of House Brineheart who were afraid of scandal finding them by way of the tragedy. He solemnly returned to his duties until he fell in battle one day and found himself mysteriously resurrected shortly afterward. He brought back to the living world strange visions of things found in no books and complete knowledge of a language no one could recognize. He also had an encounter with a woman who was more than a woman and whose beauty, power, and grief left him captivated. This Lady had led him in the vision to a distant valley he didn't recognize, so he requested a leave of absence to journey where she had directed him. He hoped to find some answers about his visions and, just maybe, the reason his life was forbidden from being peaceful.