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Knox looked up from his work.  He usually hated this simple labeling and categorizing work, but today he was glad for it.  Something had been bugging him ever since they got back to Riparia.  He was hoping that doing all the work that had piled up while he was gone would take his mind. Not this time, though. For some reason he couldn't understand, he was flying through this work, and so his mind kept turning back to the issue on his mind. It was all Master Bertram's fault, of course. His talk of “little things” had wormed it way into Knox's mind. He never used to worry about the little things before, but now it was all he could think about. Ever since he had been invited to join the Maladroits, he had helped to accomplish big things. Sure, some of his previous work with the Tower had sent him to ancient crypts and forgotten temples, but that was nothing compared to what he had done with the brief time he has spent with his new friends. He had done huge deeds with them; saved villages, rediscovered the Akari, traveled to the Astral Vigil, went back in time, held private audience with a some of the gods. These were enormous accomplishments that very few people could lay claim to. Why should the small things matter so much, when so much more had been done? Why was it that something so little was bugging him so much? “Maybe I'm fretting to much about this, Keaton,” he said to his fox, “but still, I can't help thinking about it. Why did I not get a bagel when we were in heaven? “ Keaton tilted his head at his master, and just gave him that look he gives everyone. Knox couldn't help but smile at that. “Maybe I just need to learn to worry more about some things than others, but still, dim bagels...”