The story so far! Chronological order, please.

Chapter One - The Beginning

Arrived in Riparia, cleaned out the Ivory Tower's basement, saw Oragor take Jessa and the crown, got charged wtih the quest.

Chapter Two - The Oracle of Ethyline

Teleported to Ethyline, cleared out the temple corruption, got the prophecy.

Chapter Three - The South (Riparian lands, goblin horde)

Visited the Tallfellows, fought the superweapons, met the Riparian citizens of the southern lands, talked with the Silverleaf elves, encountered Oragor in Sluicegate, killed Lord General Rancor.

Chapter Four - The North (Sky People, Mazoo's tomb, Dragon Council)

Fought through the swamps, joined the Sky People tribe, explored Mazoo's tomb, learned about the Guren, reached the devastated Dragon Council.

Chapter Five - The West (Western Desert, the Undersand)

Freed Sagebrush, explored the Undersand, found Akari, fought mind flayers, retrieved the Annulus.

Chapter Six - The Outside (Golden Pavilon, Astral Plane, Mechanus, the past, Heaven)

Found the Golden Pavilion, reached the Astral Vigil, met Beletsirana, traveled to Mechanus, transported to the past, spoke to Heaven.

Chapter Seven - The Faraway (Plane of Shadow, Magus' ziggurat, prison of the gods)

Sailed the Dibs to another cosmology, destroyed Magus the demigod lich, ransacked the prison of the gods, slew Dram.

Chapter Eight - The Beneath (under Riparia)

Discovered Gnometown in the Riparia Bay, took friends through dungeon of illusions belowground, learned Mr. Gnome's secret, took Jonid captive.

Chapter Nine

Currently ongoing.