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A Terrible Lizard!

posted Jun 6, 2013, 4:30 PM by Paul H   [ updated Jun 6, 2013, 4:32 PM ]

Thunder cracks out, and for a moment the screams of the farmers were drowned out.  They were trapped under the overturned wagon while the monster was continuing trying to get at them. The Maladroits took cover behind a boulder as they approached.

“They don't have much time.  Does anyone know what we're dealing with?” Callon quickly spoke in a hushed but commanding tone.

The party all turned their heads to Knox.

“Really?  Am I the only one that ever reads?  Seriously, people, I can't be expected to know everything.” 

“You know I don't like books.” said Alera.  “They’re always to long and boring.  Besides, I'm more of a people person.”

“Yes, we all know about you're a very charming individual” replied Lucas.

Knox let out a sigh and continued. “It’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex, an extremely powerful, ferocious, and deadly dinosaur.”

“So, we're dealing with some sort of terrible lizard here.” Lucas said with a grin.

“Moving on...if I remember correctly, which of course I always do, their vision is based on movement... which gives me an idea...You three, stay here and don't do anything.”

More calm than he really was, Knox stepped out from behind the cover.  Waving his hand, an orb of light appeared, as he shouts to get the beast's attention.  He commands the orb back and forth, and the monster's head follows, hypnotized by the light.  Standing perfectly still, Knox throws the orb away as far as he could, and the T-Rex charged after.  At the same moment, a shout rang out, “FOR MY LADY”, as Callon runs from cover with a torch lit in his hand.  “COME AND FACE A TRUE FOE FOUL FIEND, SO THAT I MAY SMITE THEE!”

“CALLON! FREEZE!” Knox shouted, but the warning fell on deaf ears.  Even after throwing his torch away, the dinosaurs continued its charge on him.  From the corner of his eye, Knox sees a figure swinging from a vine.  Lucas had climbed up to get to higher ground, but now needed to catch up to the battle. 

With nothing in front of him to catch at the apex of his swing, Lucas lets go, and quickly pulls out one of his trusty immovable robs.  Nimbly pulling them out and setting them, he uses his momentum to swing hand-over-hand and quickly catch up to the monster.

With a tremendous roar, the T-Rex lunges at Callon.  Callon deftly rolls out of the way, his years of army training instinctively kicking in.  In his position directly above the T-Rex, Lucas lets go of his last rod.  As he falls through the air, he pulls out his daggers, and immediately upon landing on the beast stabs it in each eye.  As the terror rears back in pain and confusion, Callon sees his chance.  He draws his trusty sword as he swings at the monster, striking true on all his attacks.  The last raindrop of the storm falls along with the beast, and rays of sun shine down on Callon and Lucas as they stand over their fallen adversary.

“Great plan, Knox.  Distracting this thing from the farmers while Alera helps them, and Lucas and myself take it down.  And that tip about going for the eyes, really inspired.”

Indeed, during this fight, Alera made her way to the farmers and was helping them out.  Their fears of the entire affair melting away as they were comforted by her generous embrace and magical touch.

“Well, know you know I only make perfect plans,” said Knox, “but really, it's the people that truly make it all come together.  Good work everyone.”

“Alright people, let's get our trophy prepped.”  Callon stated.  “Looks like we're going to have another BBQ.”