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Deadly Trial in the Land of the Undead!

posted Jun 9, 2013, 9:03 AM by Paul H
Ever on the search for adventure, the Hopeless Maladroits found themselves journeying far to the north. They came to a foul land shrouded in darkness and were soon set upon by undead! Surrounded and outnumbered, the warriors were sorely pressed but not defeated!

Suddenly, the ground erupted with black tentacles and caught the heroes! Clever Knox was unable to dispel them, nor nimble Lucas able to evade them. Even beautiful Alera was helpless as the tentacles wrapped themselves around her every curve. It was then that the spellcaster and the master of the dead army revealed herself. 

It was none other than Morgella Drisellex Vashaduul, the Dread Akari Witch! Their nemesis and the very foe they had been looking for! Like all Akari, she was a dark beauty with a heart as black as night. Her long hair fell over obsidian robes that left that little to the imagination.

“Hopeless Maladroits, indeed! ” Morgella cackled. She petted a nearby zombie, “Have my lovelies here proven too much for you heroes? Well, don’t worry. You’ll soon be joining them!”

The villainous Akari snapped her fingers. A huge form began to make its way through the legion of undead. Soon, the animated corpse of an ogre emerged, wielding a maul larger than a man. It raised the maul high and the group, still bound, watched in horror as it descended on them. Was this the end of our heroes?!

The maul stopped before it could smash the party. Slowly it began to rise. The ogre pressed down harder, but to no avail. Callon, the intrepid leader of the Maladroits, had broken free! He had stopped the maul with his mighty sword Desangriev! With a savage yell, Callon threw back the maul. The ogre stumbled backwards in dumb shock.

“Your evil will never prevail, witch!” Callon shouted. The ogre swung again at Callon, but he parried and slice off its head in one quick movement. 

"Ha! Some threat! Your companions are still trapped!” Morgella laughed.

Just then, the black tentacles dissolved. Lucas rose, smirking and twirling his wand of dispelling magic. "Oh, don't mind me,” he said to a fuming Morgella, "Just being awesome."

"No matter!" the Akari yelled. She turned to her undead, "Rend the flesh from their bones!"

A flash of positive energy tore into the undead and they collapsed into a burning heap. The voluptuous Alera tossed her hair back and announced to the Akari, "Heironeous prevails."

The witch threw out her hand and cried, "Enough! I will burn you all myself!" She began to cast a spell, but the magic died on her hand as she looked out to see a bored Knox counterspelling her.

"Really, now," he drawled, "this is beneath me." He then idly cast a disintegrating bolt at Morgella. She barely managed to dodge it, but found herself now in the path of Callon's charge.

"For Riparia, and for my lady!" Callon yelled. Desangriev impaled her through the gut. Morgella cried out in pain and blasted Callon away with a magic bolt.

"You win... this round... Maladroits," she coughed before teleporting away. Callon tossed his sword into the air. It tumbled and fell smoothly into its sheath.

"Another day," Callon said, smiling to his friends, "Another victory."