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"I Can't Get It Open!"

posted Jun 6, 2013, 4:33 PM by Paul H   [ updated Jun 6, 2013, 4:33 PM ]

"What do you mean it's stuck?!" Alera yelled.

Standing and spinning to face his cleric companion, Lucas shouted, "I mean it is stuck as in I CAN"T GET IT OPEN!"

Glancing around at the walls as they moved steadily closer, Alera grabbed Lucas by the shoulders. She began violently shaking him as she screamed "WELL FIX IT!"

Easing between them, Callon pushed the two apart and turning to Alera. "Addling his brain isn't going to help us Alera.  I think we need a quick application of force." With a quick, smooth movement Callon turned and punched the seemingly blank wall as hard as he could. With a solid THWACK... nothing happened. "Uh.." "It's two feet lower Callon" said Lucas. "Oh." Setting himself for another strike, Callon kicked for all he was worth. THWACK! CLICK! A hidden panel dropped away revealing whirling gears and turning springs.

With a shout Lucas dropped to his knees and started messing with the internal workings of the trap with a speed bourne of desperation. "Wonder what this does?" mused Lucas. THUNK! "Thunk? Not the sound I was looking for. What happened guys?"

"Spikes happened." replied Knox "Lots of spike." With a yip Keaton began bounding along the spikes. He rose higher and higher before reaching the ceiling. Looking down at the humans, Keaton tilted his head as if  to say "This is fun! Ya'll should give it a try!”

With a grunt Lucas rocked back on his heels holding a rather large gear in his hands. With a slight shudder the walls stopped moving and the spikes retracted. As they slid back into their original positions a door open a few feet to Lucas' right. "See guys no problem at all." Wih a quick kip up to his feet Lucas handed Callon the gear, smacked Alera on the ass and sauntered out the door. With an indignent squeak Alera stormed after him while Knox and Callon brought up the rear, a silent eye roll shared between them.

As the fighter and wizard caught up to the others, Keaton the fox traveled next to his master with the occasional rub or nip to  Knox's ankles. Absently Knox reached down and petted his familiar's head. As the partgot their bearings a faint sound echoed from down the hallway. Looking forward the group observed a pack of large furry creatures advancing. The light shining from Alera's shield caught the gleam of weapons in the creature's grasp. 

With a sigh Callon unsheathed Diesangriev. "Alright everyone, on your toes. CHARGE!" With a mighty yell Callon charged forward. With a quick prayer to Heironeous Alera tightened her grip on her sword and shield. A quick laugh saw Lucas sprint ahead with Callon drawing his dragonsword along the way. As the others rushed ahead, Know slowly shook himself out and started speaking the ancient words of magic. Keaton sat to the side and watched all of this, a slight smile on his lips and a gleam in his eye.

As battle was met and evil creatures dispatched a mysterious figure watched our heroes in it's crystal ball. 

“They must not make it to my sanctum” said the figure. “If they do all will be ruined!” Turning to the golem standing at it's side the figure yelled out “See that they don't make it here ALIVE!”