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Riparia after Chapter 8

Tales of Ba Sing Se

Everyone come up with two or three things for each character that isn't yours that you'd like to see them do in Riparia on this visit. As you see everyone else add options for your character, think about which you'd like to have as your Tale of Ba Sing Se, and when you decide among the six, let Tobes know (in email) which one you pick.

Things for Alera

  • Cordova is WHAT?! Alera held about the same office, right? Whatever, high-level clerics are in short supply, and the Congregate needs help with some decisions.
  • Boken sure is popular! Alera even hears people wondering if undeath is the way to go. OH HELLS NAW, MY CHILD. Sarenrae ain't having any of that. Time for Boken to be properly raised or for Alera to, ahem, urge him to greener pastures. Word from on high, girl. Time to represent the Dawnflower.
  • Clerics heal people, higher level clerics heal people better and faster.  Its common knowledge...especially now that someone has gotten up on a soapbox demanding more clerical aid for the citizens affected by the war.  Now there's an angry mod demanding to know why Alera is always away from the city, and not helping those in need all the time.
  • Even with the war, life must go on, and that means mageball season! The Congregate supports teams to prevent true internecine conflicts, and this year it's a showdown between the Sarenic Phoenixes and the Ehlonnan Unicorns! Eueth is a surprisingly avid fan, and has volunteered to be the mascot. The temple would like Alera to help rally the fans. She wouldn't want to lose to a unicorn, would she?


Things for Callon

  • Melancholic (what's new), Callon roams the street of the city one night, trying to distract himself from the lose of his lady love.  He stumbles into a small, dingy dive in some back alley to drown his sorrows, and is surprised to find Morvent there, drinking for his lost friend.
  • After the loss of Cordova, he attempts to distract himself by keeping busy. Who can bench press a dragon? Maybe this guy. Keep a cleric nearby just in case.


Things for Knox

  • Keaton comes home wearing a beat-up hat! No, wait, that's an injured Cassisian Archon. Probably a familiar that got separated in a fight. Can Knox find its master in time to help?  
  • With all that's happened, Pebble needs to check in with the Astral Vigil. The Dibs could probably get her there and back pretty quick, if Knox would fly it for her. Should be relaxing!
  • Obligatory fox shenanigans. Keaton feels like having fun, and steals Knox's hat. He gives chase and winds up in the last place he wanted: on the stage of the Copper Dragon.


Things for Lucas

  • While Callon is out on non-fighty business, a traveler guided by Fharlaghn sends word for a meeting to seek wisdom from... Desangriev? The sword asks Lucas to accompany it.
  • Lucas decides to check in on the shrines to Fharlaghn and is surprised to find his supplies gone and a notice forbidding leaving such items. It bears the seal of an influential noble family who, he quickly learns, recently lost a son known for his restlessness. 
  • While visiting the workshop, Kokichi pulls Lucas aside for a little private chat.  It appears that Emmett has been moody and withdrawn recently, and it's affecting his work.  Kokichi wants Lucas to figure out what's going on with the boy.
  • As the team grows in popularity, their faces start to circulate. Lucas gets an unexpected visitor from his past on his spa day.

Doodlin' About Riparia

List the things you'd like the group to do in Riparia aside from your Tale of Ba Sing Se.
  • Refit the Dibs to be seaworthy and look into flight augmentations and armaments.
  • See if we have enough cashola to resurrect Deva Dukakis
  • Perhaps because of our exploits (and whatever Tobes is planning), we are called to meet with the princesses (and princes? Were there princes?)
  • While we're all sad over Cordova, we mustn't forget about the lose of our other friend, Watch.  We should check his place of residence to determine 1) if he's really gone or not, and 2) we should probably deal with his estate somehow.

Questions for the Divine Blade

Questions we want to ask

Feel free to transplant stuff from last time and the times before.
  • (To all Shards) Who was the last person or persons each Shard encountered before us? Have they been collected before?
  • Where is Cordova's soul? And Mazoo's, I guess, since we're on the subject.
  • Jonid: When did Caesras approach him? Why did he try and kill himself? What happened to his soul? What is the nature of his tatoo?
  • How are things in other countries?
  • Callon: How do I wake up Carissa?
  • Is the story that the gnome told us before we fought Jonid true?
  • How are the tattoos that Jonid and the other have significant?  Does the symbol mean anything?
  • Where do we go next?
  • Where are the Invincible Trio?
  • Is the Shard of Abjuration talkative? Can Oragor communicate with it?
  • What is Allera's place in the grand scheme of things, and what are the side effects of killing the Norn?
  • Who are Allera's parents, and could they be located as potential allies?

Questions we actually asked